A TRUSTED E-COMMERCE SHOP: Certificate "SonoSicuro" n.1062

In order to display the logo - corresponding to the issued certificate - the online shop must provide its clients in terms of:
Quality of Service
transparency of the conditions of sale
clarity of communications and privacy management
security of financial transactions
advertising of products
If the behavior does not adhering to the requirements of the certificate is withdrawn.

For more information: https://www.sonosicuro.it


The purpose of the certification is to make transparent the process of transformation of the textile product tracing and describing the steps of processing in the chain;
ensure no hazardous chemicals as required by the Italian Ministry of Health.
enhance the safety requirements of the product;
underline the commitment of the producer (in terms of dedicated resources and investments technology) in order to achieve a safe and environmentally friendly product of environmental regulations.

For more information: http://tessileesalute.it/

PRODUCTS 100% MADE IN ITALY: certificate T-Fashion Unionfiliere n.AGR0152A

We adhered to TFASHION: now our products have passports
Our company adheres to TFashion, the traceability system of the Italian Chambers of Commerce.
Through the traceability path, we can tell the story of our production value to the local origin of the processes

We want to promote the transparent consumption, giving our products a label that contains all the information on production processes and

the places in which they were made.
This is a first step in affirming in Italy and in the world the strength and uniqueness of our products.
We adhered to TFashion, to show respect towards consumers who, through the purchase, decide to give confidence to our

company and our work and have the full right to know the whole story of the product they have purchased.
We believe that an external certification of the production process and origin of the product is a guarantee for the Italian market and, at the

the same time, a key lever to address international markets that are becoming increasingly aware of the quality of products

Our company believes that the quality and transparency are a value and you proves it by joining the TFASHION traceability project.

For more information: www.tfashion.camcom.it


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