The Lisle is a type of cotton particularly renowned for its quality: gives the socks breathable special ability, so as to make them lighter and more pleasant to touch.
This type of cotton is subjected to combing, twisting, twisting and mercerizing, strengthening its natural characteristics of brilliance and strength. Also acquires unshrinkability and a better degree of absorption. Thanks to these processes the yarn also assumes a vivid and shiny tone.


The tradition tells of an Italian socks manufacturer that, in the second half of the nineteenth century, left for England in search of the best yarns (at the time Britain was famous for its textile production). The lucky encounter with the English chemist John Mercer (from Lancashire, English region very close to Scotland), inventor of the process of mercerization, did discover the advantages to the manufacturer of the yarn so treated.
Subsequently, the Italian imported yarn and began to promote it around the world, receiving critical acclaim.


Filoscozia ® is a trademark protected and promoted since 1982 as a nonprofit organization of Italian companies with considerable experience. The tissues with Filoscozia ® are marked with the registered trademark in over 40 countries, guaranteed by certificate and holographed labeling.


- Filoscozia ® is produced exclusively with noble cotton of high quality, long staple, with fibers longer than 34/36 mm, shiny and resilient.

- Filoscozia ® comes mainly from Egypt and to a lesser percentage from Peru and Sudan

- The cotton is picked by hand, allowing the selection of bows at the right stage of ripeness and avoiding the use of defoliants harmful to human health.

- The process of combing reorders the fibers and removes any shorter and weaker.

- The flame eliminates the superfluous hairiness of the fiber, giving luster, strength and regularity of the yarn.

- The mercerization, which consists in a treatment bath of caustic soda, confers greater absorption, gloss, resistance and unshrinkability to the fibers.

- The quality of raw materials and workmanship allows to obtain yrans with tones more intense and brilliant. The dyeing is certified and meets human-ecological requirements established by the Oeko-Tex Standard 100, class 1 (products for child).

- Items with Filoscozia ® are durable, natural, bright, non-shrink. After several washes remain stable, comfortable and elegant.

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