Dryarn ® is an innovative polypropylene microfiber with high levels of performance. A technological product innovative because as strong as it is light, insulating and breathable, as well as being hygienic, wearable and environmentally friendly. A fabric very stable, not subject to shrinkage and expansion of traditional fabrics, for a durable fit and getting in shape. Dryarn ® also do not absorb moisture dries amazingly fast, to the benefit of physical comfort, providing the skin a pleasant feeling of freshness and dry.

The main features:

- Dryarn ® is the lightest yarn in nature (think: 10 Km Dryarn ® yarn weigh only 1 gram), so light that floats on water.

- Dryarn ® remains dry: Thanks to its high surface tension, water, humidity and perspiration are transported outside of the fabric where it can evaporate quickly. In carrying out this function, it is well 167 times more effective the cotton

- Its isolation capacity is unique, even greater than wool. In this way Dryarn ® effectively keeps the body temperature, protecting the wearer from both the heat from the cold.

- DRYARN ® cannot be attacked by bacteria, mildew, moths, insects or other microorganisms. This leads to a high level of hygiene and that is why they do not generate unpleasant odors, even after strenuous physical activity.

- Dryarn ® does not absorb dirt stains, which can be easily removed with normal detergents. Resists thinner, acetone and other solvents required to remove grease stains.

- Does not become electrostatically charged and cannot catch atmospheric dust.

- Does not cause allergic reactions, so to be recommended for medical purposes: sheets and pillowcases to hospitals, curtains, gowns and dresses for physicians.

- Dryarn ® resists abrasion and breakage with a performance similar to nylon, and greatly superior to other fibers synthetic and natural. It does not suffer unsightly phenomena of "pilling" due to rubbing. It can be exposed to heat and light without perceptible alteration.

- It can be machine washed up to 90 ° without danger to the colors. Dryarn ® also resists very well to friction, immersion in sea water or contact with solvents at high concentration.

- Dryarn ® remains very stable in size: the alterations are always less than 2%, even after repeated washes.

- It 's a self-extinguishing fiber: Dryarn ® tissues, if exposed to flames, have the character to extinguish the fire, instead of feeding it. And this is just one of the reasons why Dryarn ® has been adopted by the Italian Army and the Police.

- Dryarn ® is an ecological fiber. It is colored at the origin with solid additives, so it is not necessary to dispose of pollutants dyeing processes. Dryarn ® fiber is 100% recyclable which can become, subsequently, a mobile, a car dashboard, any plastic object of daily use.

For further informations: www.dryarn.com


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