Ecotec® is a new type of cotton yarn, produced in Biella by Marks & Fildi.
It is the first smart and sustainable cotton in the world.
It is obtained from the production of cuttings of the realization of the garments.
It has bright colors, is resistant and is, above all, sustainable.
ECOTEC® from waist to yarns with a molecular structure that makes products containing them cool in summer and warm in winter.
ECOTEC® does not require a new cotton fiber to import and work, since for its production uses only pre-consumer packaging cutouts. This means the elimination of many production steps which leads to an important reduction of consumption of water, energy, pesticides (in the case of the conventional cotton), fertilizer and fuel.
ECOTEC® part from pre-dyed cuttings: this allows a further and significant saving of water, energy and chemicals. Suffice it to say that for a dye kg of cotton yarn are used 112 liters of water and consumed on average 8,95 kw of electricity.
ECOTEC® eliminates the disposal of these clippings in incinerators on landfill. Scraps which are valuable raw material for this technological innovation, but a great economic and environmental weight if not transformed into excellence.

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