An overview of the yarns used for our socks:


It is the most popular natural fiber, much used in clothing for its quality: cotton socks are lightweight, soft and absorb moisture in an excellent manner.


"Lisle" is the name that is assigned to a particular type of yarn, made with cottons selected for their quality and processed in certain ways. The result is a yarn resistant, glossy and lightweight.
To learn more about Lisle, read the in-depth section Filoscozia®.


Winter Cotton, or Fleece Cotton , is a type of cotton more heavy than normal, and therefore warmer.
Ideal for autumn and winter, is the best choice for those who want more heat but still want the softness and elegance of classic cotton.


Wool is a natural fiber obtained from the fleece of sheep. The wool socks are thermo regulator, protect the feet from cold temperatures and environmental moisture.


Cashmere ( Kashmir in French, Kashmir or more rarely Casimiro in Italian ) is a rare and precious yarn of animal origin.
Its name comes from Kashmir , eastern region where originated the first herds of Hircus goats, which produce Cashmere wool. These goats, accustomed to living in extreme territories and extreme temperatures, have developed a special under fleece called Duvet, characterized by particular properties . The Duvet ( that is the Cashmere) has a very high thermal insulation capacity , in addition to having a soft and velvety appearance .
Thanks to its properties, Cashmere is particularly suitable for the production of soft and warm winter socks.


Generally used in conjunction with other fibers, Nylon is a type of synthetic polyamide. The socks with Nylon acquire elasticity, greater abrasion resistance and do not deform permanently.


The Elastane, also known with the name of Spandex, is a synthetic fiber used to elasticize the socks. It's always used together with other fibers.


The Lycra ®, the trade name for spandex, a synthetic fiber made of polyurethane is used to make the socks more elastic. This type of fiber is always used together with other types of yarn, natural or synthetic.


Dryarn ® is an innovative polypropylene microfiber. Resistant, lightweight and insulating, this yarn is particularly suited to the realization of sports socks.
To find out more, read the in-depth section Dryarn®.


THERMOCOOL® is a technological fiber able to allow maximum transpiration and excellent thermoregulation.
To find out more, read the in-depth section ThermoCool®


ECOTEC® is the first smart and sustainable cotton in the world, obtained from the production of cuttings of the realization of the garments.
To find out more, read the in-depth section ECOTEC®


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