How can I quickly find my socks?

Browsing through our catalog, you can use the FILTERS, selecting the one that interests you.
This way you can limit the display of products in certain categories, such as only long socks for men, only short red socks etc!
Siam sure you will find something that suits your needs :)
You can also search for terms in the search field in the upper left (for example, if you enter "dots" you will be offered a list of products that contain the word "dots" in the title.)

Using the "FAST SEARCH" mode it says "Sorry, no results found.", Why?

Currently we have more than 250 items (considering also the different colors and sizes), but apparently you're a tough guy! Do not worry, sooner or later we will find socks for you too!


How do I buy?

Relax and visit our site by browsing the catalog or using the filters.
When you find something you like click on "add to cart" (do not forget to select a size first!). To complete the purchase you will be asked to register (or fill in your user and password if you are already a member).
Remember to confirm your registration by clicking on the link in the validation email that will be sent to you!
Once logged in, you can complete your purchase by performing the payment (follow the online instructions).

Prices are inclusive of VAT?



I have a problem: I haven't completed the payment process! What can I do now?

Relax, no problem, to complete the payment process you can go to the "MY ACCOUNT" section (top right), "ORDER HISTORY AND DETAILS".
From there, choose the order and complete the payment. You will be sent a confirmation email.
If there are still problems, please contact us through the online CHAT, the CONTACT section or by email: info@stile12.com.

How can I pay?

You can pay with a bank transfer, Paypal or credit card. For details, see the Payments section.


How about the shipping costs?

Shipping to an Italy is FREE for amounts greater than or equal to € 30.00.
For amounts less than 30 € the shipping cost is € 5.00.
Shipping to an European Country is FREE for amounts greater than or equal to € 50.00.
For amounts less than 50 € the shipping cost is 14-16 €, depends on Country.
Shipping to an Extra-European Country is FREE for amounts greater than or equal to € 130.00.
For amounts less than 130 € the shipping cost is 30 €.
For more information, please visit the Shipping section.

How is it delivered?

The UPS courier attempts delivery of your socks up to 3 times. If he can not deliver, he'll leave a paper notice indicating the next delivery attempt.
You can still contact them by following the instructions marked on notice, sometimes it can be more convenient for you to pick up your order at their branch.
You will also be updated via email about the phases of shipping.

When I will receive my order?

Your package will be prepared and shipped within hours of receiving the order. It 's very likely that you'll get your socks a few days after! I'm obviously excluding public holidays!
Any delay may be due to problems of transport strikes, hard to reach areas, omission of your personal data (which are used for both the invoice and the courier).


How do I choose my size?

Some of our socks have a single size (Onesize), while others have three sizes (Small, Medium, Large).
To choose the right size, you just need to know your shoe size and refer to our size chart.
We also sell Xsmall and Xlarge ( only selected classic models ).

Adding some socks to cart, I selected the wrong size! How can I do now?

It may happen that in the rush you add some socks to the cart choosing the wrong size. In that case, you have to add the item again with the right size, and then delete the old item with the wrong size from the shopping cart.
Remember that when you check your cart, you can always delete items and change quantities!


How can I wash my socks?

For each item you have to follow the washcare on the label (they are also on every product page, under the "CARE" tab).
Generally, you can wash your socks in the washing machine at a not too high temperature, on gentle cycle.
For delicate socks (such as cashmere) we recommend hand washing.
For socks with embroidery, stripes and special designs it's better to turn inside out your socks before washing them.

Socks shrink in the wash!

It's normal! At the first wash the socks shrink by about 20%. At that point they assume their real final form but you can wear them and will not notice the difference.


Can I have some discounts? Sales socks?

As you have seen, there is a OUTLET section on the site for the discount socks.
Also you can follow us on our Facebook page or subscribe to our newsletter (using the form at the bottom left): we often publish discount codes for limited periods of time, do not miss them!

I have a discount code, how to use it?

You can enter the discount code (also called "coupon") in the appropriate space during the checkout process.
Some codes are one-shot, others are still valid over again until their expiration date.
You can always try them out before the final confirmation of the purchase.


Why sign up to your newsletter?

Subscribe to our newsletter to receive the latest news about our products and discount coupons.
Use form at the bottom right.


I was wrong to make my purchase, how can I do now?

To err is human! See our Terms & Conditions and please contact us, you'll see that we'll find out a solution!


Is this site safe?

Sure! Your data is protected and payments are made via PayPal, the global leader of online transactions.

Why do you want my phone?

We're not going to get prank phone calls! We need your phone number to give it to the courier (UPS needs to contact you if you are not at home).


I do not remember the password and can not log in to the site! How do I?

If you can not remember your password, please follow the password recovery procedure (click on "Forgot your password?") and then enter your e-mail address, you'll be sent a link with which you can create a new password. If there are still problems, please contact us at info@stile12.com.

I found a extra pair of socks in the order! This a dream?

Ooops! Seems you get a gift from us! It often happens! ;)

Do you also sell tights?

No! Sorry!

Do you also sell socks for children?

No! Sorry!

How to choose men's socks? How to match the socks?

Many men, especially in Italy, prefer long socks. Especially if they're elegant and refined!
Many others, especially among the younger, prefer colored socks, short or long, striped socks, polka dot socks, socks with original and crazy patterns.
For pairings, usually classic dress wants classic and elegant socks with dark tones, while most sports and casual want short socks, colored socks or funny socks.
Are you a trendy man? Take a look at our fashion catalog!

I need more information.

Do not be shy, please contact us through the online chat (we are almost always online), or through the contact page, or send an email to info@stile12.com.
We will quickly answer your questions.


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