Do you know that 7-8% of dermatological diseases are due to what we are wearing?
Phthalates, formaldehyde, heavy metals, solvents, toxic dyes are all chemical elements that are often used in the textile world, especially in clothing imported from China and East Asia.

How can we defend ourselves?
Always check the source of production.
Do not buy clothing with no label of composition.
Always wear a new clothing item before the jacket and, in case of release of a dye, disclose it.

The problem is real, in 2012 Greenpeace revealed alarming data: over 141 clothing samples analyzed by 20 different brands - including Zara, Calvin Klein, Levi's, Armani, Gap - products in developing countries, two-thirds contained chemical agents Which can cause cancer and hormonal disorders.
Greenpeace has thus launched a petition to push the fashion big to clean up the production chain.

In Italy, we want to remember the Tessile & Salute association, which for years has been working with the Ministry of Health and is unique in Europe, can rely on a national dermatological observatory, a database of substances, a network of laboratories and interdisciplinary skills Able to evaluate people's skin physiology and its interactions with textile products.

Since 2015 our company has TESSILE & SALUTE CERTIFICATE (CERTIFICATE No. 10130060).

The aim of the certification is to make the process of transforming the textile article transparent and describing its processing phases in the chain;
Ensure the absence of hazardous chemicals as required by the Ministry of Health;
Enhancing product safety requirements;
To highlight the commitment of the producer (in terms of dedicated resources and technological investments) in order to make a product safe and respectful of environmental regulations

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